A Breakdown of My UI

It’s only my opinion, but an Affliction Warlock’s UI is more important to how well a Warlock performs than most any other spec other there. Fundamentally, because of the design of the spec as a buff/debuff management spec, and because the strength of the spec lies in multi-target, non-AoE situations, having a functional UI helps immensely in tracking the volume of information (multiple buffs + [multiple debuffs * multiple targets]). I’m going to breakdown my own UI to try to explain and rationalize my thought process to that end.

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5.2! Early Impressions

Blizzard posted a 5.2 PTR patch note preview just a few days ago – an early Christmas present and a little something to whet our appetite for Azeroth in the new year. By now, a variety of outlets have covered the ins and outs of the patch, and some of the new things. Out of all the things, I’m excited about the new raid size (12 bosses, and 1 on Heroic only!), about tap to faction World Bosses, about some of the farming improvements, and about the pet changes.

But what about for Warlocks?

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Why Was I So Bad on December 18th?

I’ve recently joined a new guild, because basically I am a scumbag DPS and I need people to carry me through progression (or so my friends have told me…), and last night was my first night. The trial period is going to be a few weeks, and during these few weeks I’ve decided to work through my process for evaluation and improvement in order to mesh with the guild, and put it into words in this series titled “Why Was I So Bad?”. This is mostly going to be a not-that-interesting, stream of consciousness type of look at things, but hopefully it’ll be useful for someone – or maybe it’ll be useful for me, when someone points out something I may have missed.

The title reflects my attitude towards myself when I play video games usually. It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but I’ve found it’s better to be realistic or pessimistic rather than think that you’re the best and you played well enough.

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Affliction Secondary Stats, SimCraft and Limitations

More than anything else, threads and posts on the Warlock forum on MMO-Champion are created about the value of secondary stats for Affliction and by people looking for suggestions on how to reforge or how to interpret the results given by SimulationCraft. People are perpetually puzzled by what all those numbers mean and consider them as the first source of issues when they are looking to improve their play.

This post is about how all of it is mostly meaningless.

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Nothing much doing…

I had a few post ideas lined up, but lost a bit of motivation as I’ve stopped raiding with my current guild. and I’ll begin working on them shortly.

I am looking to do some real life things, enjoy the holidays, and then apply. So I’m looking! *stares at The Horsemen and Something Wicked*