5.1 BiS Affliction Warlock – All Fully Upgraded Trinket Combinations

http://0.chart.apis.google.com/chart?chs=525x420&cht=bhg&chf=bg,s,333333&chbh=15&chd=t:127193|125906|125782|125642|124971|124643|124619|124440|124083|123715|123618|123618|123430|123314|123292|123036|123029|122900|122604|122406&chds=0,317982&chco=9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9&chm=t++127193++Essence-H U2_LotC-H U2,9482C9,0,0,15|t++125906++Essence-N U2_LotC-H U2,9482C9,1,0,15|t++125782++Essence-H U2_LotC-N U2,9482C9,2,0,15|t++125642++Essence-H U2_RoY U2,9482C9,3,0,15|t++124971++LotC-H U2_RoY U2,9482C9,4,0,15|t++124643++Essence-LFR U2_LotC-H U2,9482C9,5,0,15|t++124619++Essence-H U2_LotC-LFR U2,9482C9,6,0,15|t++124440++Essence-N U2_LotC-N U2,9482C9,7,0,15|t++124083++Essence-N U2_RoY U2,9482C9,8,0,15|t++123715++Essence-H U2_StaticC,9482C9,9,0,15|t++123618++LotC-N U2_RoY U2,9482C9,10,0,15|t++123618++LotC-H U2_StaticC,9482C9,11,0,15|t++123430++Essence-H U2_ZenStone U1,9482C9,12,0,15|t++123314++Essence-LFR U2_LotC-N U2,9482C9,13,0,15|t++123292++Essence-N U2_LotC-LFR U2,9482C9,14,0,15|t++123036++LotC-H U2_ZenStone U1,9482C9,15,0,15|t++123029++Essence-H U2_JadeF U2,9482C9,16,0,15|t++122900++Essence-LFR U2_RoY U2,9482C9,17,0,15|t++122604++LotC-H U2_JadeF U2,9482C9,18,0,15|t++122406++Essence-N U2_StaticC,9482C9,19,0,15&chtt=DPS  Ranking&chts=dddddd,18

http://1.chart.apis.google.com/chart?chs=525x400&cht=bhg&chf=bg,s,333333&chbh=15&chd=t:122390|122332|122229|122083|122046|121734|121693|121686|121604|121282|121200|121122|120941|120822|120762|120629|120628|120472|120382|120375&chds=0,317982&chco=9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9&chm=t++122390++LotC-LFR U2_RoY U2,9482C9,0,0,15|t++122332++LotC-N U2_StaticC,9482C9,1,0,15|t++122229++Essence-H U2_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,2,0,15|t++122083++Essence-N U2_ZenStone U1,9482C9,3,0,15|t++122046++Essence-LFR U2_LotC-LFR U2,9482C9,4,0,15|t++121734++RoY U2_StaticC,9482C9,5,0,15|t++121693++LotC-H U2_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,6,0,15|t++121686++LotC-N U2_ZenStone U1,9482C9,7,0,15|t++121604++Essence-N U2_JadeF U2,9482C9,8,0,15|t++121282++LotC-N U2_JadeF U2,9482C9,9,0,15|t++121200++Essence-LFR U2_StaticC,9482C9,10,0,15|t++121122++LotC-LFR U2_StaticC,9482C9,11,0,15|t++120941++RoY U2_ZenStone U1,9482C9,12,0,15|t++120822++Essence-LFR U2_ZenStone U1,9482C9,13,0,15|t++120762++Essence-N U2_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,14,0,15|t++120629++Essence-H U2_MWW U2,9482C9,15,0,15|t++120628++RoY U2_JadeF U2,9482C9,16,0,15|t++120472++Essence-H U2_Flashfrozen U1,9482C9,17,0,15|t++120382++LotC-N U2_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,18,0,15|t++120375++LotC-LFR U2_ZenStone U1,9482C9,19,0,15&chts=dddddd,18

http://2.chart.apis.google.com/chart?chs=525x400&cht=bhg&chf=bg,s,333333&chbh=15&chd=t:120363|120259|120144|120058|119779|119740|119509|119288|119169|119118|118908|118808|118794|118685|118456|118322|118277|118016|118011|117829&chds=0,317982&chco=9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9&chm=t++120363++Essence-LFR U2_JadeF U2,9482C9,0,0,15|t++120259++LotC-H U2_MWW U2,9482C9,1,0,15|t++120144++LotC-H U2_Flashfrozen U1,9482C9,2,0,15|t++120058++LotC-LFR U2_JadeF U2,9482C9,3,0,15|t++119779++RoY U2_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,4,0,15|t++119740++ZenStone U1_StaticC,9482C9,5,0,15|t++119509++Essence-LFR U2_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,6,0,15|t++119288++Essence-N U2_MWW U2,9482C9,7,0,15|t++119169++Essence-N U2_Flashfrozen U1,9482C9,8,0,15|t++119118++LotC-LFR U2_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,9,0,15|t++118908++LotC-N U2_MWW U2,9482C9,10,0,15|t++118808++JadeF U2_StaticC,9482C9,11,0,15|t++118794++LotC-N U2_Flashfrozen U1,9482C9,12,0,15|t++118685++JadeF U2_ZenStone U1,9482C9,13,0,15|t++118456++Vision of the Predator U1_StaticC,9482C9,14,0,15|t++118322++RoY U2_Flashfrozen U1,9482C9,15,0,15|t++118277++RoY U2_MWW U2,9482C9,16,0,15|t++118016++Essence-LFR U2_Flashfrozen U1,9482C9,17,0,15|t++118011++Essence-LFR U2_MWW U2,9482C9,18,0,15|t++117829++Vision of the Predator U1_ZenStone U1,9482C9,19,0,15&chts=dddddd,18

http://3.chart.apis.google.com/chart?chs=525x260&cht=bhg&chf=bg,s,333333&chbh=15&chd=t:117707|117583|117451|117055|116366|116257|115986|115983|115800|115181|115106|113701|104259&chds=0,317982&chco=9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9,9482C9&chm=t++117707++LotC-LFR U2_MWW U2,9482C9,0,0,15|t++117583++LotC-LFR U2_Flashfrozen U1,9482C9,1,0,15|t++117451++JadeF U2_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,2,0,15|t++117055++MWW U2_StaticC,9482C9,3,0,15|t++116366++Flashfrozen U1_ZenStone U1,9482C9,4,0,15|t++116257++MWW U2_ZenStone U1,9482C9,5,0,15|t++115986++MWW U2_JadeF U2,9482C9,6,0,15|t++115983++Flashfrozen U1_StaticC,9482C9,7,0,15|t++115800++JadeF U2_Flashfrozen U1,9482C9,8,0,15|t++115181++Flashfrozen U1_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,9,0,15|t++115106++MWW U2_Vision of the Predator U1,9482C9,10,0,15|t++113701++MWW U2_Flashfrozen U1,9482C9,11,0,15|t++104259++genericafflictionwarlock,9482C9,12,0,15&chts=dddddd,18


  • MWW: Mithril Wristwatch
  • RoY: Relic of Yu’lon
  • JadeF: Jade Magistrate’s Figurine/Blossom of Pure Snow
  • LotC: Light of the Cosmos
  • Essence: Essence of Terror
  • ZenStone: Zen Alchemist’s Stone
  • StaticC: Static-Caster’s/Shock-Charger’s Medallion

Note: I have no idea why my profile deviates from the posted profile on SimC by 5k DPS. The relative rankings, however, should still be valid.

Note 2: I’ve put up another post for un-upgraded trinkets as well here.


7 thoughts on “5.1 BiS Affliction Warlock – All Fully Upgraded Trinket Combinations

  1. Hey. Great info. I do have a question. According to your other list where you list the trinkets individually, you say that (all LFRs) LoC and RoY are both better than EoT. BUT, on this list it says the combo of EoT and RoY upgraded are better than LoC amd RoY upgraded. I would think it would be the opposite. Any thoughts?

    • The earlier list was always meant to be just a preliminary, quick and dirty guide. Trinkets are always a bit complicated because the procs interact with set bonuses and cooldowns in different ways, but the Simcraft ranking list should be the most accurate. I will say, however, that not having the 4-piece bonus might change things around a bit.

      I am a little suprised, as you are, that Light of the Cosmos does not sim better because that Intellect proc seems to be so strong and up so often. In true, real life play it might turn out that Light of the Cosmos is stronger because SimCraft actually does not play as ‘well’ as a person does – for example, a player can make sure that Agony is always buffed with the Light of the Cosmos proc, but SimCraft will not check for that.

  2. Hey Rust, first of all just wanted to say thanks for your work and all the posts on MMO as well. Second, a quick question. I don’t think I’m reading this chart correctly, and in addition I’m seeing conflicting information across a number of sites and forums as to what in fact are the two BiS trinkets for affliction warlocks. Are they in fact the 2/2 upgraded Heroic LoTC and 2/2 upgraded Heroic EoT? Or does a 2/2 upgraded Relic of Yulon beat one of them? Apologies if this is clearly displayed above, I’m an English major and complete derpfest at numbers and charts.

    • The trinket lists you’ve seen are based on multiplying stat weights by the proc uptime and the base stat of the trinket (and I have this on the blog as well). The issue with that is it’s not quite accurate – equipping an upgraded Heroic Light of the Cosmos is not really like equipping a stat stick with 1750 INT and 1313 Haste. The fact that it is a proc really matters. Putting SimCraft results attempts to look at trinkets in terms of a more ‘real world’ performance (funny, I know, attaching ‘real world’ to SimCraft).

      Unfortunately, there is an issue with using SimCraft to look at trinkets though. SimCraft does not play optimally – if you’ve seen the AffDots addon on MMO-C it’s pretty easy to see why. Extending your procs and buffs via refreshing your DoTs at the very end is a big part of Affliction’s play, and there’s just no easy way to simulate that with SimCraft. What we’re left with is that when we look at trinkets we have two incomplete views of how good trinkets are – one that is plain math, and one that attempts to simulate the real world but doesn’t simulate optimal play. It’s very difficult to come up with an actual BiS list because of these two reasons (although we do have our answer if we want to know what sims best) – to be perfectly honest all I have here is two data points. I am personally struggling to figure out if my Normal EoT is better than my DMC trinket.

  3. Ah, that paints a much clearer picture as to the discrepancies. I am currently experiencing the same conundrum as you, having a 510 LoTC, a 496 EoT and 476 RoY. Obviously no one wants to pump Valor into a trinket that might be replaced before end of tier while having other items that won’t be, despite optimal DPS increases (upgrading to 484 RoY vs. using that Valor to upgrade 509 boots).

    And Affdots. I’ve recently realized that my dps, although decent (ranking, but not ranking often enough, and usually ranking 130th or higher. For example, ranked 148th on H Feng 10 last night w/ 494 ilvl and 510 Wand) is not as high as it should be with my gear, as locks with inferior gear are ranking much higher. This (I believe) was due to oversight on my part, focusing on keeping as close to 100% uptime on DoTs as possible with tons of MG vs. refreshing DoTs with procs and letting them tickdown up with less MG uptime. Having just found AffDots today, I’m hoping with the addon and some practice, my numbers will see significant betterment.

    Long story longer, this tier for me as affliction has been significantly frustrating. I love raiding, progression, and min/maxing. I want to be as effective as I can be. The combination of our current class mechanics with the unreliability of simcraft, mastery vs. haste and the validity of haste breakpoints, BiS items and Valor upgrades, and general difference of opinion on the aformentioned matters make keeping up to speed a full time job.

    • No, it is not. In updated sims (that I’ll post any day now…) the upgraded Static-Caster is better than an un-upgraded Relic of Yu’lon, but worse than the upgraded Relic of Yu’lon.

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