Why Was I So Bad on December 18th?

I’ve recently joined a new guild, because basically I am a scumbag DPS and I need people to carry me through progression (or so my friends have told me…), and last night was my first night. The trial period is going to be a few weeks, and during these few weeks I’ve decided to work through my process for evaluation and improvement in order to mesh with the guild, and put it into words in this series titled “Why Was I So Bad?”. This is mostly going to be a not-that-interesting, stream of consciousness type of look at things, but hopefully it’ll be useful for someone – or maybe it’ll be useful for me, when someone points out something I may have missed.

The title reflects my attitude towards myself when I play video games usually. It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but I’ve found it’s better to be realistic or pessimistic rather than think that you’re the best and you played well enough.

Last Night – 12/18/2012

From my perspective, last night was an unmitigated disaster – because I really was so bad. Raid went smoothly enough; there were only 3 total wipes in the time I was raiding. The issues were firmly my own. There were some things I noticed generally, which I’m going to look at for all fights:

  • My cooldown usage and DoT power tracking were a mess. Some of this was focus, some of this was rhythm, some of this was just a radically different fight length/strategy/responsibility that I have to account for.
  • My UI, due to the realm transfer, had some residual issues, and there were some things that didn’t show up as I needed them. I’ve long held that add-ons play the game for me, so this is more evidence for that.
  • I need dummy practice – losing Blood Fury, changes how my opener looks. Not having done any testing I don’t know how I should change it.
  • Positioning, positioning, positioning. Strat differences completely change my positioning.
  • I spammed a lot of Haunt for no reason.
  • 2nd Potion usage and Doomguard usage was worse than normal, if that’s even possible. On my TODO is definitely an Aura for boss < 20% + potion/Doomguard off CD.

The only positive, was that for all the mechanics I can think of I acquitted myself *okay*. Targeted for Arcane Resonance, passed on Spirit Kings, and soaked for Elegon. I ate a Titan Spark at the end due to tunneling. And surprise, I guess, that it was there.

Now, I’ll look at the individual fights.

Sha of Fear

The overall DPS in the new guild is just much, much higher. Overall, this results in a pretty big DPS difference for me personally compared to the Terror Spawn DoT spam.

Terror Spawn damage on 12/06

Terror Spawn damage on 12/06

Terror Spawn damage on 12/19

Terror Spawn damage on 12/19

Rotation-wise there’s not much to change here – I don’t expect to take time off Terror Spawns in an intentional effort to maximize effective DPS. Despite the bugginess of the Gateway on this fight I expect to re-introduce it because the effectiveness of the Gateway should increase as fight length decreases (less chance of getting Cackled multiple times), and I need to remind myself to re-drop my own portal on returning from the platforms.

With the higher DPS I do have a chance to push my Dark Soul as soon as they come off cooldown (as opposed to keeping it for the platform). Indeed, with a kill time of 8:18 I pretty much have to push it on CD, since I’m already losing out on a fraction of one. If it speeds up any more next raid that I’m in I’ll consider delaying one (or multiple) to line up better with things in order to have a full DS/extended dots for the entirety of execute.

Stone Guard

My issue here was mainly positioning for tile running, and tank swaps/positioning working a bit differently. Not having gotten chained I should’ve had the easiest time with it, but here are some pictures that make it obvious as to why I was so piss poor:

9 Seconds into the fight, I pick up the crystal...

9 Seconds into the fight, I pick up the crystal…

4 seconds after Power Down someone else has their crystal. I slog over there with Petrification and don't pick mine up until 14 seconds after Power Down.

4 seconds after Power Down someone else has their crystal. I slog over there with Petrification and don’t pick mine up until 14 seconds after Power Down.

Also, I don’t portal.

Feng the Accursed

I was a little frantic on pull because groups were announced – so it wasn’t the usual “everyone spread out on their own”, but assigned areas. This was one of the fights I had to dig deeper into to see why I was bad. I had a lot of moments that looked like this:

[22:39:16.595] Rvst begins to cast Haunt
[22:39:16.596] Rvst’s Haunt fades from Feng the Accursed

which is just a straight up DPS loss and not being quick. This was also in my opener

[22:39:16.595] Rvst begins to cast Haunt
[22:39:16.596] Rvst’s Haunt fades from Feng the Accursed
[22:39:18.244] Rvst gains Malefic Grasp from Rvst
[22:39:18.244] Rvst casts Malefic Grasp on Feng the Accursed
[22:39:18.257] Feng the Accursed afflicted by Malefic Grasp from Rvst
[22:39:19.506] Rvst’s Unstable Affliction fades from Feng the Accursed

which is also just plain bad.

[22:39:28.794] Rvst’s Inner Brilliance fades from Rvst
[22:39:29.257] Rvst’s Potion of the Jade Serpent fades from Rvst
[22:39:29.664] Rvst’s Malefic Grasp fades from Rvst
[22:39:29.664] Rvst begins to cast Unstable Affliction

Mega gross. The log is just littered with this crap. Part of this is just rhythm – the whole night I felt a little keyed up, but given how much I’ve played this spec it really should not be like this anymore.

Finally, adds. The first event on a Soul Fragment:

[22:42:36.229] Soul Fragment afflicted by Explosive Trap from Bellagraced

And here are my actions:

[22:42:36.887] Feng the Accursed afflicted by Seed of Corruption from Rvst
[22:42:38.440] Rvst casts Life Tap
[22:42:38.660] Feng the Accursed afflicted by Seed of Corruption from Rvst
[22:42:38.720] Rvst’s Seed of Corruption fades from Feng the Accursed

Not terrible, but could be tighter.

Finally, I need to remember that the 4th Dark Soul is the last, so delaying here for 20%/Hero/Pot/DG is key.

Gara’jal the Spiritbinder

I have pretty big issues with being in G1 for Spirit Realm, since it runs up during my initial DoT applications. Given that the first time we go in adds are very sparse I may just DoT everything up, fill up on Shards and leave regardless of the timer, relying on DoTs ticking after I leave.

I also need to remember to bring Mannoroth’s Fury.

Spirit Kings

My first pulls on this fight. I had issues with the linked auras, so I erred on the side of mega-conservative with both shields and Sleight of Hand. Being as the key is to maximize for shields and target-swapping, I expect this will be much cleaner once I get my UI under control. Handling movement with Burning Rush was easy enough.


This was my most disheartening performance of the night. This is DPS coming out of the last P2:



and then once in execute I spent a ton of time fiddling around with the Infernal and completely missed it. Less than 130k in the last phase.

Otherwise, there’s a lot of tightening up that needs to be done – moving in and out for soaking, leaving seeds on the Sparks, timing the Charge seed spam better, maintaining DoT power on Elegon.


One thought on “Why Was I So Bad on December 18th?

  1. I enjoyed the read. I often find myself doing this too, as someone new to an affliction warlock, I’ve honestly found it really hard to rank as this spec, I want to say it’s because there’s a lot of people playing this spec now, especially good players but I know I can do better in certain situations and feel like an ass when I know it’s possible to be doing more as my spec, even though I may not have the gear to be ranking with there being 200+ more locks ahead of me in better gear.

    Here’s my affliction HC 10 Elegon log, did this fight with Kil’Jaeden’s cunning and thus obviously didn’t SoC, this is our first kill from the other day, I also casted doomguard on boss, like an idiot instead of using infernal, but hey a lesson learned :).


    I think this is pretty good without seeding, one of my only satisfied parses I’ve had for a while, just because I knew I did okay for what I didn’t do right.
    We happily killed it with me being the last person alive, with dark bargain though, always the best feeling ;).

    I hope you continue to keep posting, I’ll keep reading! 😉

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