Current News, Flex Raiding and Design Choices

First, I want to apologize for the long hiatus from writing – moving, acclimating, and working at a new job essentially sucked all my free time away to the point where I can hardly muster the time to raid the requisite hours a week with my guild, let alone write and research topics for a blog. Secondly, I want to say that moving forward this should change – the tier is almost drawing to a close for me personally, and if we can boil things down to a 1 night farm I’ll be able to turn all of these ideas I have in my drafts sections into fully formed posts.

This is a Warlock-centric blog, but this is not a Warlock-centric post. I had the time to write this today because I don’t have to do any research, any log-sifting, any math for it. Yesterday night, Blizzard unveiled one of the new features we’ll be seeing in 5.4: Flex raiding, a scaling, cross-realm Easy Mode raid that doesn’t share a lockout with anything else. All this morning I’ve been reading through the full gamut of opinions –  “why do we need a 4th difficulty?!”, ‘waste of time, Blizzard could’ve fixed PvP/fed all of Africa’, ‘sometimes we have 9 people, sometimes we have 15 people, this is perfect!’ – in an attempt to understand how I feel about it myself.

I feel pretty good about it, actually.

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