Why Was I So Bad on December 18th?

I’ve recently joined a new guild, because basically I am a scumbag DPS and I need people to carry me through progression (or so my friends have told me…), and last night was my first night. The trial period is going to be a few weeks, and during these few weeks I’ve decided to work through my process for evaluation and improvement in order to mesh with the guild, and put it into words in this series titled “Why Was I So Bad?”. This is mostly going to be a not-that-interesting, stream of consciousness type of look at things, but hopefully it’ll be useful for someone – or maybe it’ll be useful for me, when someone points out something I may have missed.

The title reflects my attitude towards myself when I play video games usually. It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but I’ve found it’s better to be realistic or pessimistic rather than think that you’re the best and you played well enough.

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